Our Impact

“I like being in this program – it has changed a lot in my life and my children’s lives.”
– Virtual Learn & Play Program Parent

We Know We Are Making a Difference

Since 2019, The Children’s Storefront has engaged over 300 adults plus their infants and toddlers in our programs. We asked parents and caregivers for their feedback through confidential surveys and are excited to see ways we are making a difference for them.

Because of the Virtual Learn & Play Program:

100% feel more confident as a parent or caregiver and 100% have a better understanding of how playing with their child strengthens their child’s brain.

“I started using serve and return technique more consciously. Observing other parents interact with their children was inspiring.”

“During the pandemic, the introduction of sensory play helped us cope with long afternoons of boredom. I don’t get as frazzled as I normally would.”

“It has been very encouraging to get tips for dealing with my daughter. I feel more empowered and confident in my abilities to deal with daily challenges as they arise.”

Virtual Learn & Play Parents Use What They Learn

90% have new activities that they’ve built into every day routines with their child and 90% have new ways to build their child’s language skills.

“The activities suggested for each class have been very helpful in showing me how everyday items can become toys and objects of learning.”

“We now read every night – she enjoys the routine. I use the goodbye song for leaving the park or time to tidy up toys at the end of the day.”

“It’s become a habit to always repeat what my child tells me and I feel like it encourages her. My child has developed an extensive vocabulary!”

The Children’s Storefront Programs Provide a Sense of Community

100% of Virtual Learning Program participants have felt supported and a sense of community with the families and staff in the program and 99% of Learn & Play Center participants said they would return.

“This program has kept me steady many times. Positive feedback has been reassuring.”

“Excellent staff and supportive community! Having friends in class was lovely and made my child connect better online.”

“This is a really great space and I love all the backgrounds and people.”

Enthusiasm for The Children’s Storefront is Strong

100% would recommend the Virtual Learning Program and 97% would recommend the Learn & Play Center

“This is an amazing program with amazing teachers. Can’t wait for in person.”

“Everything about this place, the environment and the people, made me feel welcome.”

“It has been so great for my daughter to have new things to explore.